SuperHero VS Civilian Challenge


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Superhero Vs Civilian Challenge
There comes a time in everyone’s fitness journey where they are faced with two choices. Continue to make the common choice. The standard cookie cutter approach to health & fitness. Or dare to challenge themselves, to step outside the box and into the unknown where nothing but possibilities awaits. This time for you is now. By signing your name on the black wall you have taken the first step on to the path of becoming a Superhero. The road will not be easy. The next 21 days, even though it is a fitness challenge, will test your mind body and spirit. Because the body is at the will of the mind, the mind is at the will of the spirit and the spirit thrives on the strength of the will. We cannot change our body without challenging our will. Lift as many people up and help them along the path because there will come a time when you to will need a hand.

Author: madefitness09

Home Grown gym that's changing lives.

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