Bust that Bum!

Ladies, we all want the that JLo booty, firm, uplifted and sculpted! We can all relate to the struggle to grow your glutes, so here are a few nutritional and workout tips to get you going.

Foods that will build glutes:

1. Quinoa

2. Nuts

3. Eggs

4. Fish

5. Chicken

6. Oatmeal

7. Spinach

8. Avocado

9. Brown Rice

10. Protein Shake


What’s your Workout Personality

People who workout in the morning usually have more energy throughout the day and you burn more calories in the morning. This who workout in the evening tend to have more strength and stamina. Whether you are a morning or evening person, MADE Fitness has a workout for you. Call or email for more details.

Get Fit Tour!

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⚔️ M.A.D.E. 🛡 Fitness ⚔️
Saturday July 21st M.A.D.E. will be hosting the Get Fit Tour by Raheem Tha Dream. Excited for the opportunity to work with new faces and show everyone what our community is all about!! Class will be instructed by our young 🦁 and head trainer @h.watson.17 !! 🚨🚨Tickets are only $10 and available in @_raheemthadream ‘s bio!! 🚨🚨 Spaces are  LIMITED ‼️‼️‼️ be sure to pick July 21st as your date‼️