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MADE journey of LeQuesha


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We sat down for a Q&A with one MADE’s longest and most coveted members, Q. She gave great insight to what her journey has been like here at MADE…..

Q- How did you first learn about MADE?

A-I first met Bronson and Omar when they first worked at Urban Active, they were trainers and they would constantly say come get this work, and when I did,
Omar literally had to put me out of the gym and take my basketball shoes, and said don’t come back till you better, so I ended up working out with them at MADE fitness. Q. How long ago was that? That happened about six years ago.

Q. What was the point where you decided to stop training for them every once in a while, and become a full fledged member?

A. Probably my first MADE IN MAY, it was the hardest workout I ever experienced, I didn’t know if I wanted to cry, throw up, or just leave, my first MIM was outside in the rain we did a 100 relay in the rain, so after MIM I just signed up Q. What year was you first MIM A. It might’ve been 2007, 2006

Q.What was your fitness goals back then vs your fitness goals now

A.My fitness goals when I first started was to get back in shape, really just to get back in shape, I’ve always been active, I’ve always been able to work out and a couple of things happened so I really wanted to get back in shape, and I kind of got “addicted” to the gym, Ayesha: That’s exactly how I describe it. Le Quesha: yeah you are around like-minded people who hold you accountable, but never let you give up, so your trainers are big brothers, just think of your siblings; it’s a love/hate relationship. So, either going to like them some days, or hate them. And then you ask yourself, why am I here, but the love is always there

Q. So compared to the other gyms out there, because there are so many, what keeps you coming back to MADE?

A. IT’s the accountability, when I first started trying to lose weight, my brother was pushing me, so when I first started working out at MADE they, reminded me of my big brothers, they allowed me to do things with my body I never thought I could do, its something I look forward to.

Q. What has the experience at MADE taught you?

A.Not just hold everybody accountable but it’s a family, they don’t let you give up, one thing I had to learn about fitness is the recovery, being the senior of the gym, you can’t come to the gym every day, they were like Q go home.

Q.When you describe MADE in one word, how would you describe it.

A. Family

Q.What is the biggest take away you have since being a member?

A. Being able to physically do things I never thought I could do, it’s a humbling experience. There are times where I struggle and I appreciate the young whipper snappers in here that hold me accountable and keep me going and young. Right before boot camp you don’t feel like you about to exercise, feels like you about to have a good time….UNTIL and everybody struggles together, like they say you get MADE together

Q. What was your most challenging day at MADE since becoming a member?

A.It would have to be the day we had to do squats with a person on our back and lung, and then planking with 45 lbs on our backs, it was the most difficult workout I’ve done since being at MADE. Ayesha: so they have taken down a few notches since then- Q: Uh they are a lot calmer, I’m definitely proud of them, especially Omar, he’s become more understanding, I know they think of most women as super heroes, but were still women and the fact that there is a lot of African American women here, he believes we are super heroes and nothing can stop us but they have gotten much better.

Q. How do you describe MADE fitness to other people?

A. It’s family oriented but it’s not for everybody

Q. How has being a member at MADE influenced in your personal life.

A . Networking, I have come across a lot of people with lots of different backgrounds, there are so many professional men and women that come to the gym

Q. Where are you originally from?

A. I was born and raised in Paducah KY, but I grew up in Hampton Rose VA

Q. What are some of your influences growing up, the people around you

A. MY cousin and favorite, who recently died of cancer that’s the reason I came here, they influenced me as who I am as a person, they made me read the ebony encyclopedia every night, they emphasized if you don’t know your history you don’t know who you are, so I appreciate them never giving up on me and keeping me dedicated. Some African American girl is always watching me because they might not have that at home, so fitness and a good life go in hand in hand and you gotta take care of yourself

Q. What have you learned about yourself since being at MADE?

A. I guess a lot of people look up to me, I did not realize how you can change the atmosphere in places, just being who I am when you’re here or not here, your energy can transfer through the whole room.